Coming soon: MonkeyCI

Why are the scripts of all CI/CD pipelines always in Yaml? Sure, it's handy to get a quick start. But very soon you run into all sorts of issues. A red flag is when you see an "if" in a Yaml key. Yikes!

With MonkeyCI you won't have to worry about that. We provide a system that uses the full power of a programming language to set up your more complicated build pipelines. You can still get started with Yaml script, but move on to a real language as the need arises. And no, you won't have to learn a complicated syntax, because we're using one of the most syntax-less languages out there: Clojure!

We're still working on it, but as soon as it's ready to use, we'll let you know right here. In the meantime, you can already read some of our blog entries here.